Traditional mattresses have usually been made of open coil support systems with proven durabilty.  Higher coil counts provide more support and stability and edges can be reinforced with foam encasement.  Open coil mattresses provide the general bounce and feel, making it easy to change positions.


Different grades in foams and gel allow for a mattress to mold to your shape, and reduce motion transfer.  Stacked layers of foams and gels provide varying levels of comfort, and help spread your weight across the mattress surface, relieving aches and pain.  Memory foam mattresses are ideal for side sleeps, as they easily mold to your hips and shoulders.


Hybrid are a fusion of coils and layers of memory foam on top, providing a traditional feel of coils and the support of memory foam.  Hybrid mattresses  can contain pocket coils from edge to edge, or foam encased pocket coils for maximum support. 

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